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Brooke CagleIn your early 20s you should be living and breathing your youth. Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Gain an understanding of your own emotional and psychological anatomy before nurturing someone else’s. Discover who you truly are. Don’t relinquish part of you before you’re whole yourself. Be selfish, be your own…

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Time never runs out. OUR time runs out. We leave (exit), and time continues to roll. Cycling through cities, towns, countries–lives. The end was intended for you and I, but not the timeless time. Anxiously, we await time. Wanting it to hurry and pass on certain occasions, then wishing it wouldn’t end when the time is just right. Our daily lives consumed by a tick, a tock–a tiny bird whom resides inside a clock. Your end is my beginning, my middle another’s end. Only few things in life are certain. Time will move on. Time will pass. Time never looks back. Time travels alone. Use time wisely. If not, it will leave you behind. Time is not very fond of those who waste it, so please arrive on time. Take advantage of yours. 

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Hope said “work.”

Hope is always with you, it just wants to challenge you. Stand up to that challenge! You’re just getting stronger. Growing. Developing. Becoming a better, more intellectual you. Write down every last one of your ideas. Brainstorm. Create. That is precisely what I do. I am currently working on something that is bigger than me and am overflowing with ideas. My hope did that. My faith. My positive attitude and outlook. I cannot wait to share this with the world. 

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No Regrets 

Every event that occurs in your life is meant to mold you. Let life and fate do what they do. There are lessons you must be taught in order to succeed. Once you achieve your goals, do not forget those lessons. Reaching success is not the finish line, remaining successful will be your next challenge. Never let go of your dreams. 

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The Thoughts

As I sit and think of you, I wonder when the thoughts will cease.

For the time being, you will remain an obscured, yet vibrant part of me.

The letting go, walking away, writing it is all too simple–

The action itself will require much more than a day.

Attempt after attempt, my weakened limbs invite failure to take over.

No longer am I yesterday’s me, one who is clearheaded and sober.

In a daily immersion of bubbles so sweet–

I consume these to become as strong as the liquids taking over me.

Only to discover yet another failed attempt–

I now posses an ache to accompany the bubbles in my head. 

                                                                                              -Luz Natalia